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| May 15, 2016

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: ANALYSIS OF “HAWK” BY WILLIAM WALLIS Hawk is a story that narrates about the life of William Wallis who happens to be the author. The debut novel offers respect to that seductive as well as the bewilderment of preludes which typical cocoon sort of childhood. Willis’ childhood contain bitter- sweet experiences for as long as he could remember especially from the age of seven years. The novel generally narrates about family and survival, joining southern traditional fictional and modern expression and yet maintaining the poet image. Find herein a comprehensive analysis of the story in the book as well as the references of the other related stories in the other three of his latest books. In this intriguing story, Wallis’ ability to recount an insight of life on earth as a child of seven years was commendable. In addition, look through the eye of Will Falke who was the leading character in the novel and who perplexed the events of introduction making the story more interesting to the readers. The times of conservative experiences of Will Falke’s childhood are among the focuses in the novel (Wallis, 5). The disappointments and pains that he went through on the phase of his growth that he mostly spends in Monticello Arkansas, in the early years of nineteen fifty molded him in becoming an Adika. The fact growing up as a tough person caused by surviving and suffering tough issues made him lose the morale of being in any other place but his hometown. He had lost hope for a better life and thus never thought he could have the opportunity to cross the boarders of his surroundings and the locations that he had well familiarized with. The state in which the m…

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