English as a Global Language

| February 12, 2014

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please write some questions or comments from her feedback on my capstone so that I get good information about what I will order next time when I get her respond.
Email: Hi. Tomorrow I will be at the computer and can answer questions you might have on my comments. Today let me give you these thoughts from my iPhone.
First. Your style is very impersonal. I would like to see you do less third person sentences and more first person ie. use the words “I” and “me”. Don’t be afraid to state your ideas and thoughts in the first person.
Second. Please include more about your research interviews in the abstract and in the beginning of the paper. Not your conclusions. But more about why the interviews flow logically from your literature review. Also the one statistic: 31 and 29.
I believe you should treat it more as 50/50. A difference of only one person is not statistically significant.
Also please add a section about the interview process. Both descriptive and personal.
Third. I do think you need a section on why English became the language of globalization. The British were not the only ones with a big empire in the 1600s and 1700s.
But then came the way the British settled their colonies. The marginalization of native populations. Industrial revolution. Hollywood. USA role in defeating the Nazi. The USA soldiers were a volunteer army of Heros for the people being freed from Nazi occupation. Then came as you rightly say the Internet and the world of computers. And the music. Jazz and blues. Then Elvis Presley and the Beatles etc. Please do a little research and thinking about this. Personally I also feel the linguistic ease of speaking simple English is also a supporting reason.
I hope you understand what I mean with my comments.
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n explanation for councillors (who have no specific expertise in this area) of what makes a mega-event, and how far the World Games fit this description.
Describe the functions of the larynx in speech. the answer should include voicing, pitch and air stream mechanisms?


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