| November 14, 2015

Assignment 2: Research Prospectus With this assignment, you are beginning your work on your research paper. Research Papers distinguishes between a report and an argument (pp. 2-3). I will want your research paper to not only provide information about your topic, but to come to a conclusion about it, and make your case for that conclusion. What your topic will be, is completely up to you. It may be something about the literature we are covering in this class. It might have something to do with your major field of study. It might have something to do with an interest you have outside of school, or with an issue arising in current events. Just make sure that your paper is more than a report on your topic; that it comes to a clear conclusion about it. In a Word or RTF document, I would like you to provide me with a prospectus (p. 13) for your research paper: 1 A narrow topic that your paper will focus on 2 The working, or first-version thesis or hypothesis for your paper (covered on pages 10-13) 3 Describe, in a paragraph, your interest in the subject 4 Problems you anticipate Submit your assignment by clicking on the link below. 1) My narrow topic will be about the importance to acknowledge how technology is being used in different terms. It will also be about mass media conditioning and how it is portrayed. It is where the government has products that are not out there in the media, and hid from the nation or the people that are in the country. It also does not consult the wrong doings, which can help individuals notice what “reality” is. 2) First version thesis: How media is controlled by government officials and other corporations. How it is used and the false information that is given? 3) Sources to consult: News channels, online sources, books, newspapers, and individuals that work with the government. 4) Problems to anticipate: The way media deceives people, which hides the truth. Also, how the media displays information that are non existent or never happened.

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