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Length guideline: 8 pages



Your purpose for this assignment is to compose a researched argument based on a work of literature that we have covered in class this term.


How do I do this?

Select a work of literature that we have covered in class this term, and make a debatable claim (thesis) based on a significant issue, theme, or literary element within that text. You might also choose to analyze that text through a specific framework of literary criticism, as we did with the analysis essay. You will then use the space of the research essay to explain and support the claim(s) made in your thesis.


Be sure to look back to the analysis essay, as that work can be directly transferred to the research essay.


For example, discussion points look like this:

1)   Make a claim/point

2)   Explain it in your own words

3)   Use a quote (or paraphrase) to support your claim/point

4)   Use synthesis to further support your point and illustrate the relationship(s) between your support and your argument.



Be careful of…

1)   Informing rather than persuading: your thesis MUST be debatable (meaning that someone can argue the opposing side), and your discussion points must work to convince your readers of your position.

2)   Letting your sources take over your paper. This essay should focus on YOUR claims and explanations. Use support, but not to the extent that the other authors “speak” more than you do.


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