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| November 19, 2015
  1. Which director is credited with largely setting the stage for what we think of as the modern film director? (Points: 1)       D.W. Griffith

    Orson Welles

    Alfred Hitchcock

    Steven Spielberg

Question 2. 2. Which of the following most accurately characterizes an actor’s role in shaping a film? (Points : 1)

Actors play a crucial role in interpreting the story

Actors determine the camera angles that are used

Actors select which takes will be used

Actors control how scenes are edited together


Question 3. 3. Which of the following is the “outer circle,” or minimal requirement, of Andrew Sarris’s model of the auteur theory? (Points : 1)

Interior meaning

Distinguishable personality

Technical competence

Popularity with audiences


Question 4. 4. Which of the following is true of a realistic acting style? (Points : 1)

It can seem stylized to audiences from different eras.

It attempts to draw attention to itself.

It can be evaluated apart from plot, staging, and dialog.

It is rarely associated with a great deal of improvisation.


Question 5. 5. In which auteur’s films are you most likely to encounter gritty, urban subject matter? (Points : 1)

Martin Scorsese

Steven Spielberg

Ingmar Bergman

Nicole Holofcener


Question 6. 6. Which of the following is a danger of using stars in movies? (Points : 1)

The star can overwhelm the film.

The script will overshadow the star.

The film won’t generate publicity.

The star will get lost in the role.


Question 7. 7. Method actors draw upon which primary source for their roles? (Points : 1)

Their imaginations

Their own experiences

Other actors’ performances

Research on their characters


Question 8. 8. What film technician’s role is most like the role of the foreman in the construction of a building? (Points : 1)

The producer

The screenwriter

The director

The cinematographer


Question 9. 9. In today’s movie industry, who is most responsible for creating and maintaining a star’s persona? (Points : 1)

A studio

The star

A director

The news media


Question 10. 10. Which critic is best known for opposing the auteur theory? (Points : 1)

Roger Ebert

Francois Truffaut

Andrew Sarris

Pauline Kael


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