| January 28, 2015

Figure 8-72a shows a molecule consisting of two atoms of masses m and M (with m« M) and separation r. Figure 8-72b shows the potential energy U(r) of the molecule as a function of r.  Describe the motion of the atoms (a) if the total mechanical energy E of the two-atom system is greater than zero (as is E1), and (b) if E is less than zero (as is E2). For E1 = 1 x 10-19 J and r = 0.3 mm, find (c) the potential energy of the system, (d) the total kinetic energy of the atoms, and (e) the force (magnitude and direction) acting on each atom. For what values of r is the force (f ) repulsive, (g) attractive, and (h) zero?


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Two-dimensional explosion

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