Energy Infrastructure and Homeland Security

| April 22, 2014

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3 individual questions, 3 pages per question. **Subject area is not listed in your drop down but it is Energy Infrastructure and Homeland Security.
1. The Defense Science Board report that you have read on the security issues surrounding operational energy have been reviewed and considered by the military branches, which have shown some reluctance to implement all of the report conclusions. Do you think that the services are correct in resisting the DSB approach? Why or why not? Support your answer with specific reference to military operational concerns as well as general policy.
2. “Fracking” is the latest technology for the extraction of gas and oil. What specific infrastructure security problems — as opposed to environmental problems — do you see arising from this technique? How would you solve those non-environmental security-related issues?
3. We all know about Stuxnet and other malware that can attack SCADA systems. Are attacks on SCADA systems the only cybersecurity vulnerability facing the energy industry? Discuss and provide examples of other cybersecurity issues related to the energy infrastructure.
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