Endocrine Disruptor Resources

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) are substances in the environment that interfere with hormone production and function resulting in adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological and immune effects. Prior to completing this discussion, read the following information (links given in the resources):

  • “Effects of Human Exposure to Hormone-Disrupting Chemicals Examined in Landmark UN Report from the WHO.”
  • “Studies: Endocrine Disruptors, Cocaine Common in Minnesota Waters from WisconsinWatch.org.”

Next, select an EDC to research and then answer the following questions:

  • What EDC did you research? Provide a brief summary of the EDC.
  • What products contain this EDC?
  • How would the EDC affect normal hormone functions in the human body?
  • What are the possible health implications of regular exposure to this chemical?
  • Has this chemical been adequately tested? If not, should this potentially harmful chemical stay on the market while researchers study its safety?

Make sure to include APA citations of your sources.

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