Empowering users in Health and social Care

| February 11, 2014

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You are a manager in an East London health and social care organization that
provides services for vulnerable people from diverse backgrounds. The local
authority (LA) has asked you to provide a report and join their monthly staff meeting
in which your contribution will be to provide a comprehensive report in order to pass
their annual Quality Assurance (QA) inspection. In the meeting and for your report
you will also focus and discuss issues and concerns surrounding complaints from
family members about the quality of care, staffing issues, training, rights of service
users, and promotion of service user?s dignity in your organisation.
In your report you must discuss current legislations and sector standard skills that
are relevant to promoting rights of their family members and to service users in
general. In your report you should also discuss factors that promote and maximizes
the rights of users of health and social care. Finally issues surrounding
communication should also be addressed in the meeting and in your report.
Following the outcome of the meeting the local authority has sent you minutes of
the meeting and also given you feedback of your report. The local authority (LA)
highlighted areas for improvement in your organization. You now have to discuss
this with your staff in a memo such as factors affecting independence,
organizational systems and consideration as related to your organisation and in
After 6 months, a meeting took place in which family members were still concerned
about their original issues. However, this time you are confident in your report
addressing the responsibilities of managing and monitoring risks in health and
social care setting. In your report to the family you must discuss what systems are
now in place at your organization in assessing and managing risks.
Task 4: LO4
You are a care worker within the same organization and are up for a promotion.
Before your interview the line manager has given you the final report from the LA to
review. Your new job role as a care worker will be to dispense medication to service
users but you feel after the report, you should review the policies and procedures of
administering medication in Health and Social Care.
You will write a report for the next team meeting. In your report you must discuss
the Nationals Standards (i.e. current UK standards and current legislations; national
enquiries etc.) that exist surrounding the administration of medication. You must
also address the risks to service users and risks to you and your organisation (i.e.
acceptable risks etc.) using examples from health and social care.
Task 5 = Self Evaluation.
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