Employment Law Coursework

| February 14, 2014

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Pick a discrimination topic of your choice and explore and analyse the legal and policy issues relating to your chosen subject area.
The topic can be of national, regional or international application. It can also be conceptual or relate to discrimination principles (e.g. sexual harassment, religion or belief, race, disability).
Guidance on the choice of assessment topic will be given in seminar rounds one/two. We will then discuss some examples and the kind of things you need to be considering in picking a topic to do justice to. Guidance will also be given as to how to structure a legal essay of this type.
You will then have quite some time to give thought to the choice (during which period I will be available to discuss and give advice).
All proposed topics to be submitted to me for approval by latest Friday 1st. November, 2013. Decisions on approval/amendment will be given during this period of time.
This assessment is intended to assess the following module aim and intended learning outcomes:
Demonstrate a sound and detailed knowledge of:
• The sources of employment law at both supranational and national levels.
• Employment law in a wider context i.e. the impact on and of history, politics, society and economics.
Critically evaluate and advise upon employment law problems.
Show a critical understanding of the competing issues involved in striving to attain the end of a balance between the various parties involved.
Produce a concise and appropriately structured assignment addressing important employment law issues.
Undertake independent online and library-based research.
Identify and analyse critically key legal and policy issues in the context of discrimination protection law.
Employ a socio-legal perspective upon the interaction of the law and society.
Engage in soundly reasoned legal and policy arguments, by way of the written presentation.
Think logically, to assess competing ideas impartially and to identify and solve employment law problems relating to discrimination in the workplace.
Think independently.
Pre-submission checklist
Before submitting your assessment; ask yourself the following questions, just to be sure you’ve met all the requirements:
Have I read the question thoroughly and answered it fully?
Have I referenced using the Oscola footnoting system all the sources which I have used?
Have I used Turnitin to check my referencing?
• Have I produced a bibliography so that my tutor knows where I have found all my information?
• Have I completed the assignment within the word limit and stated my word count?
• Have I used just my ID number to identify myself, not my name?
Have I complied with the School’s presentation requirements? (see below)
• Have I included the title page table and started my assignment on page 2?
• Have I used a spell checker and proof read my work?
• Am I sure that I’ve completed the work to the best of my abilities?
Submission requirements
You must submit 1 electronic copy of your assignment via Turnitin on Blackboard by the date and time noted above.
Your answer must be word processed using Microsoft Word. All assessments must be written in Arial or Calibri font, 12pt with 1.5 spacing. Please put page numbers at the bottom of your script.
Assessment criteria
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