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| December 12, 2015

Co-executor in Georgia is uncooperative in sharing asset information. All known accounts may have POD’s or be joint.My dad’s 92 yr. old aunt died in GA 3 months ago, and left estate of $324K. She willed 57% to her sister, and 43% to her other (late) sister’s children. She named two of those children, D (my dad) and M, as executors. M has all financial docs because aunt lived a mile away, and M was joint on 1 of aunts checking accts. M helped aunt sell condo in FL earlier this year and move her to a retirement home in M’s neighborhood in GA. D lives in IL and has repeatedly asked M for records since learning of his aunt’s death. M has sent will dated 2010, but refuses to send any other docs, just insulting and uncooperative. M never informed family of Aunt’s death, family learned 2 weeks later after M had aunt cremated. M now states since all accounts have POD’s or ITF’s, or joint owners or signers on them, there are no assets left in estate, so D’s job as executor no longer valid, and case closed. Joint signers/POD’s (aunt’s sister/nieces) believe to be added to accounts in 2013. What should D do?


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