employment law

| December 12, 2015

Fired for insubordination a week ago, had a 1st warning on aug 21, 2015 that i did not signed and rebutted bc it was untrue. I was fired for other reasons i believe other than insurbudination as i came into work and worked in an production environment. I looked up the defined TERM insurbudination and under the definition i cant understand how i disobey any direct orders or caused any willful negligence in regards to work or otherwise. As my routine was the same every day. I go in to work and produced. This supervisor has is very unpleasant, unprofessional demeanor and unethical in the way she handles everything. From training to speaking to others by yelling across the room to controlling who gets what training. If u dont entertain her nonsense she seeks you out and harasses you by asking a bunch of questions regarding a job that she is already fully aware of or stands near your desk and talks constantly, slams drawers to interfere with the timeframe of completing your work in a timely manner. Everyone has had a run in with her even b4 and they keep moving her around the company

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employment law

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