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| July 9, 2016

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Gather information about a career or position in which you might be interested. Learn about the nature of the job. Discover whether certification, a license, or experience is required. Also collect information about one or two companies where you might apply. Investigate each company’s history, products and services, size, earnings, reputation, and number of employees. Describe the functions of an employee working in the position you have investigated. To do this, interview one or more individuals who are working in the position. Devote several sections of your report to the specific tasks, functions, duties, and opinions of these individuals. End your report with a summary of your findings. If you plan to start your own business or to be independently employed, conduct research into this field. Interview two individuals who are employed in your proposed occupation. What do they think are the advantages and disadvantages to operation a business in this field? Gather information on the Internet or at your school, local library, DES, anywhere valid. The government provides excellent current information about specific occupations at the Bureau of Labor Statistics Web site at HYPERLINK “http://stats.bls.gov/ocohome.htm” http://stats.bls.gov/ocohome.htm. You can also use a Web search engine to locate specific information on companies. For print material, consult the Reader’s Guide to Periodical Literature or the printed Occupational Guide Index. For information about business organizations, look in the Standard and Poor’s Corporation Records or the Fortune 500 Index. These publications are available at reference desks and in on-line versions at most libraries. Write your report in your own words. Compose concise, unified, and coherent sentences and paragraphs. Your report should be 4 to 7 double-spaces pages (no bigger than 12-font; Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New). Please draw conclusions from what you have learned about this project. Is this a good field in which to work? From whom would you recommend this field?

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