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| March 27, 2014

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Project Title: the title of a project should be like the “strawberry on the top of a cake”. The main Title should be written at the very end of the project and not in the beginning to reflect in very few words the whole/core outcome of the work. A genuine title is the one that can attract the reader/audience and to incite his/her interest to what is behind!!
Introduction: First, go straight forward to the Project-subject and describe the statement. Let the reader or the audience knows exactly what the subject is. Do not let him confused.
Second, emphasizing on specific part (the most important thing) of the work in order to show that the work is not in generalities but going deep into the core of the topic.
Third, ending an introduction by announcing the main parts of the project. Give a glance on each part and let the details until the next step.
I need an introduction only and a tittle the intro should go till 2 pages.
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