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| April 23, 2014

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Why does the United States have so many laws, acts, and policies designed to prevent and/or remedy discrimination in the workplace? How effective do you think these regulations have been? Is further legislation needed? Are there any laws or policies you believe are no longer relevant or needed in today’s workplace?
In your post, address the following:
Provide a brief explanation of the economic theory of statistical discrimination as it relates to the workplace.
Compare and contrast statistical discrimination with the theory of unconscious bias.
In your opinion, do these theories support the need for antidiscrimination laws and policies? Explain your reasoning.
Are there any current laws and policies relating to workplace protection that you think are no longer needed? Explain your reasoning.
Is additional legislation or enforcement needed in the area of antidiscrimination in the workplace? Explain your reasoning.
You may find these following Web resources useful in your research:
White men can’t help it.
The achievement gap.
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