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| March 27, 2014

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Pay for performance, as an element of reward systems, is essentially an anti-union mechanism. Examine the evidence to prove or disprove this statement.
Has to be analysed:
? Growth of Performance related pay (PRP)
? PRP and its collective bargain
? Trade unions
Below is my teacher’s notes what should be looked at in the assignment:
What has been happening to collective bargaining under new labour?
Why organizasions prefer PRP?
PRP related to basic pay
? PRP on purpose based on unit unions:
1. Decline in unions numbers (they can result issue on their own)
2. Trade unions dont apply to young people anymore
3. Personal focused
4. Economic conditions affect collective6 bargain is not benefit anymore
5. PRP as a source of motivation (less team spirit)
6. Failure of collective bargain negotiate better wages.
Very important to discuss PRP and unions
PRP as unti unions mechanism.
Taylor’s theory
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Recruitment and selection is about discriminating between individuals, but based on relevant and fair criteria like technical skills and attitudes rather than irrelevant criteria
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