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| April 22, 2014

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There are four questions in this essay, because they are all related to personal skills and activity, so i just give you briefly what ability i got and what activities i have done. you can read my CV as well in order to know me better. And these four parts needed an introduction and conclusion.
first question: my current skills: good at organising, but English is my weakness. good at mathematics.
second question: mock assessment centre, its a mock interview and some employers will come to identify of your personal skills, for example like what course are you doing, what is your future career plan, what is your strength and weakness. (i am doing accounting and finance degree second year) Group business challenge: i took part in and did presentation with other students.
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Implementation of use of group creating option in social networking mobile app like Whatsapp, Viber etc to share non confidential information by elderly care home staff in UK will improve communication among the staff and maximize the quality of care
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