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| May 18, 2014

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Instructions: Read the brief carefully. Submissions must be typewritten and include a title page with the candidate’s name, the subject name;
the title of the document and the date. You are free to collaborate, discuss and generally work with others in preparing for this CA but your report
must be your own work (ideas, comments, analysis etc). Where, on occasions, you use material which is
not your own, it must be properly referenced. Candidates may be requested to explain their work and
opinions in detail to the lecturer in class or at a separate meeting.
Overall Objective of the Assessment
The purpose of this assessment is to develop student’s ability to:
carry out research on relevant aspects of the furniture industry, analyse the findings from their research, From your analysis, draw meaningful conclusions relating to the industry, its size, profile, growth rate and prospects.
Overall, it is expected that the student’s knowledge and awareness of the industry should be significantly advanced.
You are specifically required to:
1) Study the FIRA report which you have been issued by the lecturer. 2) Carry out ‘desk based’ research on the Irish furniture industry to include: a. Sub-sectors within the industry and sample businesses in each sector b. major suppliers/sources of inputs to the industry c. Support for business development within the industry d. Training and development within the industry. 3) Identify what is happening in your own locality in furniture making, supply. Write up a profile of businesses, what they do, who they serve, their size etc If possible, meet with the owner/manager, although, this is not an absolute requirement. 4) Offer an overall assessment of the Irish furniture industry versus its UK counterpart based on what you know and what you’ve learned through your research and study. 5) Write your overall assessment of the position of the Irish industry or a subsector within it of your choice.
Present an account of your work in the form of a typewritten and properly referenced report of approximately 1,500 words.
You are required to submit your report via Moodle using Turnitin to detect any shortcomings with regard to referencing or excessive use of material from other sources. You are expected to make necessary corrections before uploading your final report.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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