Emerging Leadership Theories Analysis Paper

| October 28, 2015

Write a 825- word paper analyzing emerging leadership theories.
Address the following questions and concepts:
1. Describe one attribute or capacity of servant leadership and explain how and where you might apply this principle at work or in a community setting you are familiar with. What impact would this leadership style have on the setting?
* Paper should describe the characteristic of servant leadership. Description is accurate and adequately supported with cited references. Demonstrates a high level of critical thought by describing servant leadership within the context of a specific work or community setting and proposing the impact the style of leadership would have on the setting.
2. Evaluate the following perspective: Although servant leadership is often associated with the Bible and Jesus Christ, it is totally compatible with most religions and theories of philosophy. How is this so?
* Paper should evaluate the compatibility of servant leadership with multiple religions and/or philosophies. Supports evaluation by citing references that describe characteristics, actions, or outcomes of servant leadership comparable to other religions and/or philosophies. Evaluation is accurate, clear and concise.
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

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Emerging Leadership Theories Analysis Paper
Emerging Leadership Theories Analysis Paper


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