Emergency Response

| April 14, 2014

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Emergency response is the topic, and i chose the aspect about medical care and health in Australia in my group. It at least 6 different articles or books or journals references. There are following of my task requires. I don’t know why it cant fill in.
When examining an issue, it is important to explore the literature (research) outlining the current debate to comprehensively map the contributing factors and subsequent factors related to the issue. A business report has four key stages to accomplish these aims:
Executive Summary: states the purpose or aim of the report. Provides background details relevant to the situation and summarises the problems and current recommended solutions.
Issue Discussion (contributing factors): Identifies the problem and states 2-3 contributing factors which have caused the issue.
Issue Outcomes (consequences/effects): States 2-3 points of consequence, each providing a brief summary of one of the subsequent effects of the issue
Recommendations: states 2-3 action-oriented, concise, realistic and feasible recommendations to respond to the issue being researched.
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