Elements of Design, Media and Representations of Gender,and Art Administration

| February 16, 2014

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I will upload 6 blogs. Every 2 blogs is about one topic, and I will make them in one word file, just easy for resolution. I will also upload the related lectures, just for referencing. I want 6 single reports for each of the 6 blogs. All the reports need to meet the requirements as follows:
a. What themes did the students discuss in general in their Initial Posting?
b. What themes from these postings did you agree with? Why?
c. What themes from these postings did you not agree with? Why?
d. Your general opinion/conclusion of whether or not the student postings properly addressed the course content (the lecture topics under discussion). AND as much as possible I would like you to engage in this as a personal summary from your own cultural perspective and experiences (make it a self reflection and not only a critique of the other viewpoints).
e. Make sure to reference the lecture topics under discussion
By the way, my culture background is Shanghai, which is a modern city in China. Just remind for the requirement ā€œdā€.
The last requirement is the most important one, please finish it on time!
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Language (Korean) and gender (sexism in language, conversational styles)
Women's Studies final paper

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