electronics lab2

| January 11, 2016
  1. Construct Figure 7.36 in Chapter 7 (Example 7.11) with Vs = 3sin200tV, R1=20kohms, Cf=5uF, and Vc(0) = 1.5 and find the output voltage ‘Vout’.
  2. Interchange the positions of the capacitor and resistor and compute the output voltage ‘Vout’ and record the values in the table below.
  Calculated Vout Measured Vout
Correct positions of R1 and Cf    
Interchanged positions of R1 and Cf    
  1. Construct Figure 7.36 from Chapter 7 in Multisim.
    1. Use the function generator to provide Vs to the circuit and run simulation to measure the Vout using Oscilloscope. (Use 5% tolerances for the resistor)
    2. Interchange the positions of the resistor and capacitor and run the simulation to record the measurements of ‘Vout’ in the table above. (Use 5% tolerances for each of the resistors)
    3. Take the screen capture for the measurements for ‘Vout’.
  2. Answer the following questions:
    1. Are the measured values same as calculated values? If not, explain why they are different?
    2. What type of a circuit does Figure 7.36 represent? Provide a practical use of this kind of Op Amp Circuits.
    3. When you interchange the resistor and capacitor, what type of a circuit is obtained? Provide a practical use of this kind of Op Amp Circuits.
    4. Use the results obtained from ‘Vout’ to explain the differences in these two circuits.


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