Electronics II and Lab Power Amplifiers

| January 11, 2016


Electronics II and Lab


Power Amplifiers




Discuss some of the basic differences between the operation of a class A, B and C amplifiers.




  • 1 power supply: 12V
  • 1 transistor: 2N3904
  • 2 resistors: 1kΩ, 50kΩ
  • 3 capacitors: 0.1µF, 0.01µF, 560pF
  • 1 inductor: 38.07µH
  • Tektronix oscilloscope
  • Waveform generator




Using Multisim construct the circuit shown below:


Diagram posted as attachment








Calculate the resonant frequency fr – show your work and record the answer in row 1 of the table.


  1. Use the Waveform generator to produce an input: 2.5Vpk and frequency set to the resonant frequency.
  2. Use the Tektronix oscilloscope to measurefoutand record it in the table
  3. Take a screen shot of circuit showing the frequency measurement on the oscilloscope.
  4. Repeat steps a) and c) for each input frequency in the table.





1 fr =  
2 1500kHz  
3 300kHz  
4 546kHz  
5 273kHz  
6 873kHz  


Discuss the results.




What is the function of this circuit?


What did you learn?


Please fill out and use the following Lab Report Template when submitting your lab work.

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