Electro negativity and Polarity: Why Oil and Water Don’t Mix

| July 28, 2016

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select a concept from the lesson material and re-explain it to the class as if you were teaching it to them in a way they can understand it. So, it needs to be your own delivery style and in your own words–don’t just re-state what is already written in the text with the big words given there. As we learn, we all make different associations with the new material with previous knowledge we have, and we often form visual images or learning devices in our heads to help us understand concepts being presented. So, share those. Help us understand how YOU understand and came to understand the material, and maybe hearing the concept explained in a different way will help someone else understand it a little better. If not, it will most definitely make you think about the concept at a level of true understanding, so that you will not just have a cursory understanding of the material/concept, but rather an operational understanding on which you can build your future learning

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Week 10: Patient education on Stroke Prevention
Introduction to Marketing


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