Electrical Energy Project ( Final Design Report )

| January 14, 2016

FSE 100 Electrical Energy Project 1 Final Design Report Each team must submit a final design report for the renewable energy design project. The report is due on the date and time specified on the project document and the assignment in Blackboard (DO NOT TURN IT IN LATE). This is a TEAM deliverable, and each team (one person per team) should submit an electronic copy in pdf format of the document to Blackboard. The report is a technical document and should be typed (single spaced) in paragraph form, with appropriately formatted section headings(use bold and/or underline, and/or larger font size). You should use consistent spacing, formatting, font, and style throughout the report, as well as correct grammar and spelling. Since this is a formal technical document, it should follow all technical writing guidelines discussed in class including no use of first person (I, we, etc.), appropriate labels for figures and graphs, correct formatting for equations, and appropriately formatted citations for all references used. Any figures, tables, equations, or data included in the report should be described in the text of the report. Most of the report should be written in past tense, since you have completed the project. The report should include each of the sections listed below. The expected content for each section is also described below. Cover Page  Project Title  Team # and team member names  Date the report was submitted Introduction  Brief description of the project & objectives (problem definition)  Brief description of the design requirements  A brief description of the environment (renewable energy sources that are available in Sparkyville)  Brief description of the structure/content of this document (i.e. what will be discussed in the document, and in what order (structure)?) Background  Brief description of power generation from the renewable energy sources you are using (i.e. how does it work to produce power; what energy conversions take place)  Calculations and/or measurements of the power available from each source you are using  Brief description of existing technology for power generation (wind turbines, etc.) that inspired your design and how aspects of those designs appeared in your design (be sure to talk about why you chose to use those aspects). This could also include other research that you did that helped you make your design decisions. Cite these sources appropriately. Detailed Design Description  Describe your final design in detail (in text) o Describe all important aspects of your design (form and function) o Include Detailed Engineering Drawing attached in an Appendix (should include 3 views (top, front side) with dimensions, units, etc.) of your final design. Make sure to refer to (mention) drawing in this section of your report and tell reader where to find it (i.e. see Appendix 1 for Engineering Drawing of final design)  Describe the design decisions that were made and why. How did you end up with your final design? o Describe the design trade-offs that you made during the design process o Include any evidence/rationale for design decisions (why did you make the trade-offs that you did?) o Describe the criteria you used to evaluate and choose your final design. Design Implementation  Include a description and picture(s) (photos) of your final system prototype.  Final Budget & materials (should be included as a Table)  Describe the testing procedures you used (when preparing for the final demonstration) to ensure your design’s success (data from these tests can be included as a part of Appendix 2…be sure to direct reader to FSE 100 Electrical Energy Project 2 appendix in text). This is a chance to show what your system could do under ideal conditions (especially if you had not ideal conditions for the final demonstration)  Describe the performance of your system, including final test results from final demonstration o Plot of Power produced over time o Report values that describe your system’s performance (i.e. maximum voltage, maximum power, average power, and standard deviation of power) o Comparison of predicted power to actual power produced (% difference)  Include the calculated efficiency of your system (????? ???????? (??) ????????? ????? ? 100%) (show equations used and final numbers in text, but put calculations with numbers substituted into the equations in Appendix)  Include results of your final cost-benefit analysis o Use your actual power produced during your final presentation to perform a cost-benefit analysis for your final design including Annual net benefit and Rate of Return (show your calculations in Appendix) o What is the net worth of your design, based on your calculations? Conclusion  Summarize the work done in the project and final outcomes  Describe what you would do differently if you had more time or could do it over again (i.e. potential design improvements, testing, etc.)  Based on your prototype, what recommendations would you give to someone building a full scale renewable power plant?  Described what you learned while completing this project References  Include all references used (also should be cited in the text of the report)  Peer reviewed sources such as books and journal articles are prefered  Use an appropriate citation format (i.e. Chicago Manual of Style, IEEE, etc. – see http://libguides.asu.edu/ for helpful information under ‘engineering-basic’ or your specific discipline) Appendices  Appendix 1: Detailed Engineering Drawing (should include 3 views (top, front, side) with dimensions, units, etc.)  Appendix 2: Detailed Calculations o Include detailed calculations of analysis discussed in text (this can be done by hand and scanned if it is done neatly)  Power Available  Cost Benefit Analysis  System Efficiency  Etc. Note: Each Appendix should have a clear label and title at the top of the page (i.e. ‘Appendix 1: Detailed Engineering Drawing of Final Design’)

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