“Elder Abuse”

| July 21, 2015

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Understanding Trauma (7-‐9 pages of text, excluding cover/references) This paper requires students to do library research on a specific trauma (e.g. Assault, accidental injury, exposure to war, rape, domestic violence, child sexual or physical abuse, kidnapping, torture).

Part 1
• How is the trauma defined within the literature?
• What are the strengths/limitations of this definition?
• Identify the occurrence of this trauma in the general population

Part 2
• Apply an intersectionality  framework when discussing your population by identifying at least 3 identity markers (i.e. race, sexual orientation, class, gender, religion, ability status, citizenship status, etc.). (e.g. white, male, young adult survivors of intimate partner violence)

• How can these identity factors serve as protective factors or barriers to recovery?
• How might this trauma impact the population’s developmental trajectory? (e.g. how would being a survivor of intimate partner violence impact the development of a white, male, young adult? Relationships, ability to form an individual identity etc.,)
• How might the visibility or invisibility of the identity markers and presence/absence of privilege impact the manifestation of the trauma?

Part 3
• Compare existing literature about the trauma in the general population with literature specific to your identity specific population
• How do issues of privilege and social justice contribute to the presence or absence of population specific literature?


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