Egyptian future physicians are packing to leave but may be willing to return. Yoused A.Fouad et al.,2015

| September 30, 2015

Q1. Critically appraise the introduction section of the article only . Justify your appraisal.
Q2.In your own words describe two main research findings.
Q3.The quality of an article can be judged partly from relevant information about the authors, the journal, and its peer-review process. Locating and using such information ,evaluate the quality of this article. Explain your evaluation.
Q4. Discuss whether the articles findings or conclusions are relevant to a context you are familiar with.For example, this could be a country , district , health service or university/college.

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Exploring Health Education in the 21st Century (Journal Entry week 6)
Use of glycerol trinitrate spray for acute myocardial infarction


Category: Medicine and Health

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