EFQM and its implementation in ADCO

| March 30, 2015

Outline to be as followed:

-Brief Introduction about ADCO (Abu Dhabi Onshore Oil Production Company, info can be obtained from http://www.adco.ae/En/AboutUs/CorporateProfile/Pages/history.aspx

http://adco.ae/En/hse/Sustainability%20Reports/ADCO%20Sustainability%20Report%202012%20English%20Final.pdf , and how this paper is to analyze the implemented business excellence in it
-Introduction about business excellence and brief background information
-Background about EFQM business excellence model
-Benefits of implementing EFQM model – statistical data /references to be used if available (e.g. https://www.fig.net/pub/fig_2002/Ts1-1/TS1_1_watson.pdf)
-Difficulties/challenges of implementing EFQM model
-Implementation of EFQM in ADCO ( by referring to the paper attached)
-Recommendations on aspects ADCO can improve in

References to be used as required throughout the essay, multiple resources can be used to strengthen one point. Relevant references to be used only which are directly to the point……………………………

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