EFL Curriculum development and change

| May 19, 2014

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I have uploaded a copy of a literature review chapter about the topic of curriculum design and development. I want the writer to expand the chapter by adding around 5000 words of literature that is related to the topic. I want this to be added to the text throughout the whole chapter in a balanced manner and where needed. In addition, I want the writer to add literature to the highlighted titles in the file. This should be written from scratch and I stress the need to be original and of high quality regarding both language and criticality. Furthermore, I have a list of references that have been used in the discussion chapter and I want these references to be included in the literature as well; especially, the most relevant ones to the study. I would highly appreciate also enriching the study by reviewing more practical studies that is relevant to the study and linking it to the current reviewed literature. I need most of these studies to be in the Arab context. Finally, I would also be grateful if you could track changes while writing the required parts so I can recognise the changes easily. I would like also to stress that I need this to be written in a way that raises the quality of the chapter and not the other way round.
Thanks in advance and my best regards.
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