Efficient Use of Resources in Fighting Terrorism

| June 20, 2015

Assignment 1: Efficient Use of Resources in Fighting Terrorism

In at least 250 words, post to the Discussion Area your answers to the following questions:

  • Establishment of an effective security policy begins with a successful risk assessment program. It is reasonable to assume this is similar for information security. What are the principle factors to consider when establishing an information security policy or conducting an information security policy appraisal that maximizes the efficiency of financial resources?
  • Is it realistic to expect that terrorist threats to nations would diminish in the immediate future? Do you believe the U.S. is overreacting or over-prioritizing the fight against terrorism? Why?
  • Will limited resources in many cases cause a redirection of funds from fighting drugs to fighting terrorism?

Please support your position with at least two scholarly resources from the Argosy University online library. Use APA in-text citations to cite the sources.

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