Efficient market Hypothesis

| May 24, 2014

Availability of details to all investors concurrently, and essential content in the real market should be advocated. Rationality of investors is, therefore, influenced by other behavioral decisions, and the market cannot be efficient. Most investors consider the time value of money and prefer stocks with short-term profits other than long-term investments. The efficiency of the market cannot be entirely achieved, as most investors will act irrationally due to the consideration of these factors.

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Research the history of the European Union and Euro currency. Using at least five references, analyze the key components of its development and the importance of the single currency to trade between Euro economies
One of the major factors contributing to the financial crisis of 2008 was "subprime mortgages." As the housing bubble began to burst, defaults on subprime mortgages began to increase. How did the subprime mortgage crisis affect the entire economy? How did the government repond? What do you recommend to help avert future financial crises?

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