Effects of Knee Wraps (both benefits and risks)

| March 21, 2015

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The research paper will be a literature review of a specific topic you choose. This assignment will give you practice in performing a literature review and help you become more comfortable reading scientific articles. The literature review must summarize the major papers related to the topic chosen. It is recommend to look at how often the paper has been cited by other papers to determine which papers are the major papers. This is a good indicator of the relative importance of the paper.
The length requirement is 4-6 pages (typed, double-spaced, 12 pt font). The page count DOES NOT include the title page, references or any pictures/graphs/tables that may be in your paper. A minimum of 10 references must be used. At least 10 references must come from peer-reviewed journals. The paper must be made using Microsoft Word. Remember that your librarians, and writing center specialists are available to help you with your writing and research needs.

Grading Rubric:
Introduction – The topic of your paper should be introduced in the introductory paragraph. Why this topic is of importance should be stated and described. Give a “big” picture of the literature. Include specific areas within the topic that will be addressed in the review/paper. (20 points) 
Body – The main body of your paper should describe the current literature related to your topic. The body can be organized in several manners: i) Chronologically; ii) Main points or arguments; iii) Broad to specific. It is common to organize a literature review in chronological order of the articles. It is also common to organize the body by the major theories or models of the topic you chose. You may also organize it by presenting a broad overview of your topic and then transitioning to a more specific topic. You may want to take this approach if there are very few articles on your specific topic. Separation of sections by sub- categories within the topic is also an option. (40 points) 
Conclusion – This should be an evaluation/critique of the literature. Some questions that should be answer are: 
What are the overall contributions of the literature? 
What are the strengths? 
What are the weaknesses? 
What is missing? 
What would you recommend as the next steps for this line of research? 
(20 points) 
5) References – Must be formatted correctly. (5 points) 
6) Grammar and Spelling. (10 points)


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