Effects of globalization on a situation/country/issue

| March 26, 2014

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Descriptive essay w/ persuasive emphasis on an international topic (effects of globalization on a situation/country/issue)
You should confine your topic to the two areas we are exploring in class: either a narrowly focused problem that a country or the USA has encountered due to globalization of our manufacturing/export/imports or solving a specific problem in the USA dealing with a SPECIFIC type of crime or ethnic strife.
This is a persuasive essay, so you need to make sure that your thesis states a position and that the body of your essay gives supporting evidence.
Make sure I have approved your thesis. YOUR THESIS MUST BE NARROWLY FOCUSED ON ONLY ONE AREA.
You must demonstrate that you have located scholarly research materials to support your ideas.
Be sure you support your thesis or main idea (or position) to a specific area. It should be narrow enough to cover in just 4 pages.
• Length: 3-4 pages, double spaced.
• Font: 12pt Times New Roman or Times (Do not use Arial or Courier New)
• Margins: 1 inch on all sides
• Header: On the left-hand side of page one, provide your name, my name (spelt correctly), the course name, and the date.
• Page Numbers: Include on each page after the first (page one is optional). Positioned on the top right-hand corner (in the header), with your last name (ex: Means 1).
• Title: Give your essay a title. Please make it something more creative than “Persuasive Essay on Sweatshops.” No bold, italics, underlining or quote marks needed around your own title.
Works Cited: You must demonstrate command of Works Cited MLA in text citations, that correspond to an alphabetized Works Cited page for your essay.
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