Effects of Antibiotics and Disinfectants On bacteria

| April 17, 2015

Effects of Antibiotics and Disinfectants On bacteria

The workings of bacteria have formed a fundamental part of understanding of biology. However, there are variations as to the understanding of bacteria and the role that they play in the universe. In most cases, bacteria are thought of as disease-causing organisms. In fact, this is the common riding phrase in the marketing of disinfectants, wherein the effectiveness of disinfectants is defined by its ability to “eliminate” bacteria. As much as pathogenic bacteria result in ailments such as bubonic plague, tetanus, tuberculosis, gonorrhea and pneumonia among others, they are a minute component of all bacteria. It is worth noting that the average human body incorporates a higher number of bacterial cells than human cells. The bacteria assist the human body in undertaking various, necessary functions. Moreover, bacteria assist in breaking down organic matter, make up a base for the food web in numerous environments, and help in the provision of nitrogen to agricultural crops.


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