Effectively managing HR

| June 24, 2015

Unit 3 DB Question

It is important for management to understand the organizational vision and ensure the employees do as well. It is also important for managers to understand HR and HR policies. We discussed FMLA in our chat and managers must be clear about notification and communication. If an employee does not complete the paper work and is granted an approval they are not entitled to FMLA. The mere fact that you have a serious family illness does not automatically mean you are approved for FMLA; there is a process, documentation and subsequent approval prior to any lawsuits. There are also rules in regards to length of service and working for the company for the required time period. Also FMLA is applicable to employers with over 50 employees.


What are some other areas that must be considered while effectively managing your workforce?

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Organization Policies Regarding Social Media

Category: Human Resources Management

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