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Reflect on how your culture, a culture you know about, or a culture from history has adopted traditions, rituals, languages, or global media influences. How does this cultural blending influence your own perspective?
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Compose a 2- to 3-page essay in which you do the following:
Choose one feature of a culture—yours, one you know about, or an historical example—that is the result of a global influence. This chosen feature must be one that has become an accepted addition to the chosen culture. To find a feature, think of popular events, celebrations, sports, or restaurants that you know.
Describe the existing culture and the influence, detailing how the influence developed and has come to seem part of the existing culture.
Analyze how accepted changes in culture affect your perspective on globalization.
Refer to 2 specific examples from your course reading and record in your assignment information about each source, including author, year, page number, and publication title.
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