Effect of iron supplementation in supporting maternal and fetal outcome.

| February 17, 2014

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Hi, I would like the proposal include: 1. Title 2. Research Question 3. Thesis Outline 4. Research Methodology 5. Time frame 6. Summary and Contribution to the Field 7. Bibliography
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Iron is a very essential nutrient and its metabolism during pregnancy is mostly biased toward maintenance of the foetal supply, even at the cost of causing anaemia to the mother (DeMaeyer et al 1989; Milman, 2006). Hence iron supplementation is necessary to prevent iron deficiency the most prevalent nutrient deficiency globally, for example, anaemia caused by iron deficiency is estimated to affect an approximate of 1–2 billion people worldwide (Haram, Nilsen and Ulvik, 2001). Among these people the groups that demonstrate the highest iron deficiency prevalence are the pregnant women, infants, and children. It is estimated that in developing countries more than 50% of pregnant women and about 20% of pregnant women in industrialized countries are affected by iron deficiency (Wright and Southon, 1990). Iron supplementation is very essential in supporting maternal and foetal outcome mainly because during pregnancy, iron is a critical nutrient for both the growing foetus and the pregnant woman, and is essential to myelination of the CNS and neurotransmitter synthesis…..ORDER NOW…….http://unimasteressays.com/order/
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