EEOC Protections for Job Applicants

| March 15, 2018

You are an HIM Coordinator and work in a department  that has a  temporary contracted HIM Director, whose name is Lolly. She is  working  with Human Resources to fill all vacant positions in the department –   including the HIM Director, Document Management Specialist (DMS) and 2  coding  positions.

On Thursday morning, Lolly follows you into your office and says “For   crying out loud, I have already completed more interviews this week  than I did  in all of last year. I’m sick of all the time in HR, and I  can’t get anyone to  take a damn job here. You take over interviewing  for the DMS slot because the  job reports to you anyway!”

She heads towards your office door and adds “Don’t hire any  churchgoers  because weekends are packed with old-timer sickies, and we  need somebody here  for the Sunday shift” – and in a flash, she is gone.

You take a deep breath, shut your door and gently slide into your chair.  Did you just hear what you think you heard? Take  a damn job here….sickies….churchgoers…old-timers!  Right then your phone  rings and it’s Suzanne, the director of HR. She  explains that she is gathering  up applicants for your upcoming  interview for the DMS based on instruction she  got from Lolly. You  interrupt her, explain that you are happy to help with  interviews but  also confide in her – you  decide to share Lolly’s offensive rant in your office.

A series of events follow and after your promotion to Interim Director  of HIM,  you undertake the very much needed job of preparing an Interview  Tool  and Developing a Hiring Policy to ensure that you are promoting a  diverse  staff in the HIM department. The tool and policy will be used  by you and the department  supervisors.

Download the template below to complete this assignment.  When you  are finished, save your completed  document and submit it to the  dropbox.

Module 11 Written  Assignment Template

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