Education's effect on income level: In U.S. market

| April 3, 2014

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Doing an research about the effect about education on income level. This research report need to use data about United State market and also include the resources about the data and some other relevent paper. the literature should be concentrate on the relationship between the dependent variable and independent variables. after collect the data, use GRETL which the software is free download online to analysis it. Munipulate the output and include the output in the report. Doing Hypothesis for the data. Analyze the output is the most important part of this report. The dependent variable should be income level and independent should be education level, gender, age, years of experiences. use 3 paragraphs to talk about the data sources, and defination of the variables. and why this research is important and the contribution on this research. what’s the differences with previous literatures. using different paragraphs to talk about the data manipulation. Then estimated the regression model. This part should include : regression model, hypothesis test, data analysis and Descriptive Statistics and Regression Results. each part at least need to be 2 paragraphs.
Please make sure this paper can be hand in on time. There is no delay on this report. Thank you.
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