educational responsibilities

| June 19, 2015

What educational responsibilities should be under state jurisdiction and what should be under local control?
What is the need for and importance of the Open Meeting Law? Compare and contrast the Texas Open Meetings and Public
Information Acts.

What are some potential situations in which an organization or an individual might be held liable in an educational

What are some examples of intentional and unintentional torts?

What are some of the factors an administrator must consider when recommending the termination of a teacher under a
probationary contract and a teacher under a term contract?

What is Negligence in Education paper:

How do you define due process? What steps will you take to ensure students and teachers are given their

What factors should a campus administrator consider before recommending a student with a disability
What steps might you take to ensure your staff has a thorough knowledge of sexual harassment and its consequences?

What is Sexual Harassment

Who is the victim of sexual harassment?

What kind of forms of sexual harassment are there?

What kind of forms of student sexual harassment are there?
How would you handle a situation in which a child did not want to be in the classroom during the Pledge of
Allegiance? Remember, you are responsible for supervising that child.
Describe a current issue or recent court decision involving religion in public schools. What effect might this issue
or court decision have in classrooms? How might it impact educational administrators?


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Critically examine how the media influence audiences.

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