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| December 15, 2015

I’m 17 and I think I’m being falsly accused of truancy. Can someone give me advise.

I’m seventeen and we have recently moved out of state about over a month ago. I have before been in trouble with truancy because My doctor told me I have an infection in my body but all days were excused. We have told my public defender about all medical things and we told him we had moved and he seems not to be helping because when we’re in court he don’t talk to the judge or anything he just stands there. Now there trying to make us go to court for truancy when im up here in school doing pretty well. We sent a letter to my old school saying we had moved and the new school i would be going to. Yet there still saying I need to go to court for truancy. If she is in school up here how are they making us go back down there for court. And plus we had just moved and we have no vehicle And there is no way to make it to the court date. If you could please help me with some advise I will greatly appreciate it. Thank you

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