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| December 15, 2015

I live in Ohio, and I dont go to school often and my mom thinks she will go to jail, So can she even though im 17

The reason of me specifying Im 17 is because I have a car, the ability to go, and I can say it is not her fault and entirely mine, I missed 27 days last year and I only got a warning at 12 days. I tried looking at the laws but its hard to decipher as every case is different, she refuses to call me off now, and even when i was sick i didnt tell her, she never called me off, i got a truancy and she refuses to call in because i didnt tell her that morning. She says she is “willing to take the risk to teach me a lesson” but no good is coming out of this, and it will not teach me anything, I have good grades too by the way, so they cant say its affecting my grade. So I dont know what to do, with school 7 hours and work (4 days per week) for 5 hours, its hard to wake up. But I need my job, and I still dont want my mom going to jail, so my question is 1.) can she get in trouble, lose her job, and/or go to jail 2.) How many days can I miss before they take legal action. Thank you,

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education law

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