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| December 15, 2015

Can I request settlement? It was never my intention to sue.

I sued a school for wrongful dismissal in Nov 2014. The dismissal was December 2013. Depositions are scheduled for early December 2015. I have since joined another professional school that gave me two options:

1) Accept some of my transfer credits but will still have to go by their block system – graduating 4 years later (No really gain for me)

2) Or supervise the remaining classes (all practicum) on behalf of my ex-school and graduate from my ex-school. To do that, the ex-school will need to approach my new school and ask for that.

This second option can only happen if I am re-admitted back into the program.

I have spent $12,500 on the lawsuit so far, my lawyer says he has a good feel for the case. He wants $5000 now then later $10,000. I on the hand just wanted to get my doctorate degree and keep going.

I believe the school would like the second alternative. My lawyer says that can be presented later. Later means more money. Should I reach out to the school? Judge? who?

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education law
education law

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