Editoral/OP-ED on HR 203 CLAY HUNT ONLY

| March 23, 2015
the question ask who you are submitting to would be Pine Bluff Commercial in Pine Bluff, Arkansas or Arkansas Democrat Gazette , Little Rock Arkansas. You can find there info on internet. Also I would possibly need someone who will email to just see if they will accept article or not. You must be willing to attempt and tell what was said or if they replied back. I need correspondence to happen far as the draft by March 22 so I can look over the draft and see what going on. I live in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and plan on submitting it to my newspaper in my hometown. The names of the paper to do research on or find information on via internet is Pine Bluff Commercial.com Please follow the instructions and do a good job! I’m a graduate student at USC in social work the legislative or whatever you call it I’m dealing with is HR. 203 Clay hunt also do a title/reference page. Everything needs to be APA 6th edition. I need an A+ paper this is my final paper. The last person or writer made me receive a c which is not acceptable for USC. Please cite everything use correct grammar no high school writing graduate level writing. Everything must flow together and connect. You must stay in contact if a question arises so I can ask the professor. If you are not willing to do quality work don’t take the assignment. If you wouldn’t submit or half do the paper correctly then don’t do mine like that. Be respectful of my time and money spent


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