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xxxxxxx xxxxx STUDENT RESPONSES xxxx
xxxxxxx RESPONSES 2 2
xxxxxxx Response
xxxx of xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx Response
Response xx xxx question
In my opinion, competition is only xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if xx xxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxx’x xx a brand’s xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx the competitor’s weaknesses. A xxxxx is xxxxxxxxx to xx xxxxxx by consumers because xx xxx xxxxx it adds xx their lives xxx because xx xxx many competitor products xx xxxxxxxxxx Therefore, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx winning xxx xxxxxx and preference xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx focus xx their products xxx sell xxxxx strengths.
xxxxxxxx to classmate’s answer
The core of both price xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx perception is xxx xxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxx because only that can xxxxxxx a xxxxxxxx’x xxxxxxxx especially when prices xxx high. For xxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx that xxx Coca-Cola Company xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx significantly, xxxxxxxx xx their consumers would xxxxxx glued xx xxxx xxxxxxx they trust the xxxxxxx xx their
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