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| December 15, 2015

Assignment 1: total words answers is 500 words as the previous assignment uploaded last week.

Question 1:

What is the purpose of the IMF and why might the IMF be called the “lender of last resort”? Discuss how  three of the tools they use for establishing economic stability in a country (Do not take the answers directly out of the text.  There is much more to how the IMF establishes economic stability in a country than “surveillance”)?


Question 2

  1.  Choose one of the World Bank’s present projects (from the website) and tell how it will benefit international trade.



Question 3


Country A has a stable currency and does substantial business with country B. The following is a history of recent exchange rates, given country A’s rate is a constant 1:


Date Country B Exchange


April 1 240:1


May 1 255:1


June 1 310: 1


July 1 315: 1

What is happening here? How will a company in Country A purchase products from a company in Country B if it takes three months for the order to go thru?

Which is more conducive to international trade, the fixed or the floating exchange rate? Why

Question 4


A:  If one Euro = $1.57 and one US dollar = 45 Mexican pesos, how many euros are there is 245 Mexican pesos?

  1. Explain the “Big Mac Index” and how it serves to indicate Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) among countries. (P. 331-6)  An example will help.

Question 5

Why has the global capital market grown so rapidly recently?  Do you expect it to continue to grow?

What are the risks that might be associated with investing in the Global Capital Market?

Assignment 2: France project Paper continued ( 8 slides)

always about France Country

There, it will be a list consisting of an economic assessment of that country (France) including relative inflation, history of economic trends and predictors for the future. 6-8 items will be sufficient here in the same power point format as in previous assignments

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Economics homework help
Economics homework help

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