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| January 10, 2016



what is it?

what are the reasons of it?

how does it affect the growth of an economy?

what factors increase it? what factors decrease it?

graphs and tables of percentages of labor force (women, men, kids)

how child labor has a part in unemployment?

The guidelines will be uploaded, please follow them carefully.
Term Paper Guidelines
The broader objective of the group project is to provide an opportunity to apply the theories and concepts learned in the ECON 301. Most likely you may very well address a in one country or group of countries to discuss macroeconomic issues. You have the freedom choose a related topic that interests you, read more about the topic (related literature), develop a specific objective that you wanted to address, collect further evidences either to support or refute stated problem.
The project should be typewritten between 4-5 pages (12-point font Times New Roman, 1.5 spaced, 1-inch borders).
1. Introduction
In this section you will state a statement of the topic and the problem to be analyzed. Further you provide some justification why you choose this topic and what make this topic more interesting.

2. Literature review
Literature review consist of several related topics are being previously examined by other researchers and that will shed light to your problem. Through this you will try to relate your research to the others.

3. Methodology
Present a brief version of a how are intend to do a research, what kind of information you are planning to collect and how you are planning to analyze the data.

4. Data
To present your view of the problem you need supportive tools. One of the most important tools you can address or solve your problem is the data (information). List the importance of the data that you wanted to present (why you have that particular information not other) and sources of data and summary statistics of the data.

5. Conclusion


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