Economics Assignment

| January 13, 2016

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Use simple words. answer these questions straight forward without introduction or conclusion.
1. Why is it important to have codified law? What does the law mean to you? What problems can result from a society without law?

2. Choose a local, state, or federal law that you find interesting or controversial and discuss why you chose this law. Try to conduct research online and post a link to the actual law if possible.

3. Respond to the following hypothetical: John’s company is involved in a lawsuit with a customer, Beth. John argues that for fifty years higher courts in that state have decided cases involving circumstances similar to those of this case, in a way that indicates that this case should be decided in favor of John’s company. Is this a valid argument? If so, must the judge in this case rule as those other judges did? What argument could Beth use to counter John’s reasoning?

Please use complete sentences with proper grammar and spelling. Please use proper citations when necessary and conform with APA citation format.

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