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Answer both questions. Assignments should be word processed: 12pt font size, with 1.5 or double line spacing. Word limit: 4000 words (excluding tables and references). Each question weighs 50% of the final mark.

(2,000 words each question)


  1. Taking an example of analysis using Instrumental Variables Estimation from the literature on economic development, critically evaluate the extent to which this identification strategy is convincing for the case you have chosen.


  1. Explain and assess advantages and limitations of identification strategies based on Difference-in-Differences, drawing on one or more examples from development economics research.

Course unit details a) Quantitative Research Methods Lecture 1. Introduction to data measurement, presentation and descriptive statistics

Lecture 2. Normal and standard curve and introduction to inferential statistics

Lecture 3. Introduction to estimation: confidence interval

Lecture 4. Two sample Hypothesis testing Lecture 1: Introduction to ordinary least squares regression (OLS) analysis

Lecture 2: Cross sectional OLS regression analysis: violation of the assumptions

Lecture 3: Cross sectional OLS regression analysis: violation of the assumptions (continued)

Lecture 4: Identification Strategies: Instrumental Variable regression analysis

Lecture 5: Identification strategies: panel data regression analysis b) Applied Quantitative Research & Dissertation Writing


Lecture 1: Introduction to Doing Quantitative Research and Dissertation Planning

Lecture 2: Applied Econometric Methods: Cross-section

Lecture 3: Applied Econometric Methods: Panel Data

Lecture 4: Research Design

Lecture 5: Dissertation and Research Proposal Writing Skills

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Chapter Two: Literature Review
Business report


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