Economic Problems

| June 19, 2015

Activity Instruction
Your instructor will post the problems for this unit, titled Unit 2 Economic Problems, in the Updates and Handouts forum.

Refer to the Unit 2 Economic Problems Scoring Guide to ensure that you meet the grading criteria for this assignment. Also review the requirements below for form, format, and presentation


Problem Preparation and Submission Guidelines
Form, format, presentation, and appearance are almost as important as correct numbers. Poor presentation, in both written work (Word) and spreadsheets (Excel) is an indication of careless

thinking and analysis. You cannot earn full credit, even if the solutions are correct, if your work is not presented in a professional manner.

All submitted written work should include your name, the course number, and the title of the problem set. In addition, remember that all conclusions must be supported. You should show the

steps you took to arrive at your conclusion. Numbers and calculations are not self-explanatory. Your assignment should be “in good and proper form” when submitted. That means, for example,

when you prepare economic information, your numbers must be aligned on the decimal and right justified. Use commas for thousands. Use underlines and dollar signs appropriately. Every answer

must be properly labeled and supported with calculations in statement or schedule (table) form, as you would do in a professional setting. Do not type formulas, equations, and calculations or

show math or equal signs.

When finished, submit your completed problems in one file (Word or Excel) for grading and instructor feedback.
Word file: The cover page must include your name, course, date, unit and assignment numbers, and problem number. Each problem must begin on a new page with a hard page-break. If you use

Word to prepare calculations, prepare them in table form as if it were in Excel. Do not write anything past the margins.
Excel file: The first tab is the cover page and must include your name, course, date, and the unit and assignment number. Each problem must be numb on a separate tab. Each tab must be

properly labeled. Note that Excel is not actually required, but if you use Excel, you must use it correctly: one number in one cell, and each number (cell) properly labeled. Do not type formulas;

instead, you must use Excel functions to calculate. Do not write anything past the margins. Use landscape page orientation if necessary.

The Unit 2 problems to be completed are:

Chapter 4: problems 1 and 5

Chapter 6: problems 5 and 6

Chapter 7: problems 6 and 7

Book is: McConnell, C. R., Brue, S. L., & Flynn, S. M. (2015). Economics: Principles, problems, and policies (20th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education. ISBN: 9780078021756.


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